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  10. Literacy Activities Term 1 Week 10 and Term 2 Week 1

    March 27, 2019 by ltodd

    Year 6s-Write a picture story book about Easter for your Buddies and Year 5s for any audience.

    Include the names of your Buddy and yourself in this book.
    This needs to be checked by a teacher before being published as this is going home with your Buddy.
    Include Title, author and Illustrator on the Front cover.
    The text needs to be written then typed(optional) first and then the illustrations.

    Record your final published story onto SEESAW

    Option One

    READ TO…..
    Choose an Anzac text to read for 15 minutes. Remember to find a spot free from distractions.
    Goal is to build stamina to maintain focus for the entire 15 minutes.

    Respond in your Literacy books with the Think Marks connection sheet.

    Write at least a paragraph giving specific examples from your text to support your ideas.
    Include a visual response(picture).


    Option Two

    Study finds compulsive phone use leads to low levels of wellbeing
    (Link Below)

    1. Good vs bad feelings
    Divide a page into two columns, with Good Feelings at the top of one column and Bad Feelings at the top of the other.
    Outline all the emotions/feelings listed in the story relating to smartphone use under the category of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ feelings. If you think of any more that aren’t listed in the story, add them to your table. Weigh up whether spending too much time on a smartphone is good or bad for you and record this in your book.

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