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Fun in the sun – at Mission Day

November 21, 2012 by mmurnane   

The essential question we asked ourselves at the outset of our big idea project for Mission day was, “how can we make a difference?”

As part of investigating this question, we looked at the 8 developmental millennium goals which is a global approach to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. This led us to looking nationally and locally, at ways people and organisations are making a difference. From all of our research and investigations, the students worked in small groups, each group identifying an organisation which they would promote and support, with their mission day stalls.

Fun was the order of the day, but the student led designs for stalls, were not going to be all about food. A variety of stalls included some delicious treats like pancakes, cake pops, rum balls, slushies, milk shakes and popcorn, but students were also treated to some entertaining  activities. The students instigated and ran a variety of activities such as the  haunted house; nerf gun wars; wii fit games; cup knockdowns; slime slippery slides; water balloon fun and even a photo booth with the opportunity to dress up and have a photo taken with a pet rabbit.

Congratulations must be extended to the students of the 5/6 learning community, their mentor teachers and the wonderfully supportive parents, for the weeks of research, planning and last minute deliveries of fresh milk, ice, juice, fondue, pancake makers etc that arrived so promptly on the day.

Congratulations also, to the students in years 3/4  and Mr Peter Caddy, for the very moving prayer service which started the day off in the hall. This service was a simple yet effective reminder for the students, about the reason behind the fun and games. Thanks to all for a brilliant day.

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  1. Bernie says:

    Wow!! Sounds like a wonderful mission day. Great job everyone.

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