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End of Year Concert

November 30, 2012 by mmurnane   

For the second year in a row, the date of the St Therese end of year concert, pre empted a sizzling hot day followed by drenching rain and thunder storms. Unlike 2011 however, the heavens decided to give us only an anxious hour or so, and then clear, to allow us to begin on time. The concert was a brilliant show of colour, fabulous music, humour, awesome costumes mixed with a huge dose of fun. The setting on the oval, was a picture to behold and probably one of the most beautiful and relaxed settings I have ever been involved with, in regards to end of year concerts. Congratulations must go to Mr Luke Hindson for his overall coordination of the event and for organising a sensational sound system. Congratulations also to the students who performed so enthusiastically; to the teachers who spent many hours preparing the students for the items; and lastly to the parents and friends who supported the students with costumes and attended the evening with such a good Christmas spirit. The oval was awash with friendship, humour and goodwill. Thanks also to our surprise visitor – the good humoured Santa who arrived unexpectedly towards the end of the evening, to deliver his message of good will and sustainability to the students of St Therese.


  1. Cath Foss says:

    Hello ST Therese school community we loved your Christmas concert last night
    It was an amazing production and very entertaining.
    Love the ampitheatre formed by the oval
    Congratulations to all the students and teachers. Well done!
    Brad and Cath Foss

  2. Janine Poole says:

    Wonderful concert last night, the teachers and students have done a great job preparing. I real joy to watch!

  3. Anne (Ben, Liam and Jarrod's mum) says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, Particularly watching the delight on the children’s faces as they performed. Thanks to all those involved in the preparations, particularly Luke for organizing such a high quality sound system. Thanks also to the person behind the year 6 performance that enabled boys to temporarily drop their cool facade and dance with such gay abandon and enthusiasm.

  4. bernie says:

    Great concert last night everyone!! Loved the enthusiasm shown by all. I thought the year 5 & 6 students led the school well. I really enjoyed the song from the year 1 & 2 about not getting presents for christmas. Great photo trail app on your blog page too.

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