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Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

February 8, 2013 by ltodd   

Students have been asked to watch the above youtube clip and firstly enjoy it. Secondly, we have asked the students to analyse each of the ads and to note down what strategies the producers have used, to try and persuade their audience. We are using these clips as a spring board for writing our own persuasive text – by creating an ad of our own – in small groups of 3-4.


  1. Mrs. Sinnott says:

    Hi there 5/6L!
    My name is Mrs. Sinnott and I happened to stumble across your blog and find the activity your teachers have designed for you to launch into you persuasive writing topic this term. What a fantastic, engaging way to start a new writing style! Like most Victorian schools, our class is also beginning to learn more about persuasive techniques and this is something my students expressed great interest in. If you visit our blog in the next few days we will be sure to have acknowledged your work and will link back to your blog to show our appreciation.
    I look forward to seeing how it all goes for you!
    Kind regards, Mrs. Sinnott and 5/6S

  2. mmurnane says:

    Hi there – thanks for your continued interest and positive feedback. I have just made a link from our blog, to yours, so that we can stay in touch and up to date with what you are up to. Your blog looks awesome and I think we will have a look at it as a 5/6 team and see what good ideas we can implement at our school, using yours as a spring board for ideas. It’s awesome to be able to share ideas at the same year level. Thanks for visiting – we’ll be regular visitors to your blog this year. Marg

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