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Clean up Australia – fun

March 1, 2013 by mmurnane   

Today the whole school community, from Prep – 6, spent time contributing to the Clean Up Australia day campaign. The younger classes took care of our immediate environment, whilst the older children wandered in and around the streets closest to St Therese, manned with their plastic bags and rubber gloves. We had a lovely stroll around the beautiful streets, and enjoyed a chat and a laugh, whilst cleaning up our little part of Australia. As you can see, the rubbish above was collected just by the 5/6 students. We mostly picked up empty food packaging which is a wake up call for us all. This has been a timely reminder to the students, about the responsibility we have, to dispose of our rubbish thoughtfully. I was thrilled to see the smile on one face as she turned, hands full of rubbish – saying “I’ve saved one dolphin today Ms Murnane!”

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  1. Meggy says:

    Hey mrs murnane
    I had a great time doing clean up Australia day! I think it really important that we do it wert year. I had a great time chatting and laughing and because of doing that the blue yer 6’s transformers were born!! Thankyou for taking us 😀

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