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Buddy picnic

March 14, 2013 by mmurnane   

On Tuesday March the 5th, the year 6 buddies hosted an after school picnic, for their prep buddies. I have been at this school now, for nearly 2 terms, and I am still amazed and impressed with the level of maturity and responsibility, our year 6 leaders demonstrate when they take control of events such as this. It was a warm evening and yet we had 100% attendance by both buddies and leaders – along with their very happy families. Congratulations must go to Mrs Todd for her leadership of the buddy committee and of course to the students themselves, on the effort they put in to the event which included a practice rehearsal through the week.

The following is an email I received this week, from Miss Hill, on behalf of the prep buddies and their families.

Thank you to the buddy leaders for organising the buddy picnic, the games
you organised were great and the Preps loved participating in the games.

To all the Year Six students, i was very impressed with the way you
participated at the picnic, your participation and support of your
buddy/buddies was fantastic. Over the last week since the picnic, I've
heard many comments from the prep parents regarding your behaviour, some
of the comments included:
We were amazed at the confidence of the senior students
We appreciate the way the buddies have helped our children settle into school
We loved that the Year Sixes made the effort to introduce themselves to us!
We hope our child will be such great role model as they grow up

Congratulations to all of you and your efforts

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  1. bernie says:

    Well done to all teachers, students and families on such a terrific buddy picnic. As a mum it is great to meet my child’s buddies and their families. Great job all!

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