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BTN links for specialist day on Thursday

March 20, 2013 by mmurnane   

You will need these links for specialist groups on Thursday. Feel free to view some of these at home prior to Thursday. Thanks to Mrs Arnel for putting them together.

specialist videos


  1. Lukeyboy$$$ says:

    Taser Debate

    I think tht the police should only use tasers in extreme measures because of how dangerous they are. They should probly use pepper spray more becaus that blind them for a long time but they ould be recover but like they said they can be blind and swing their weapon and hurt someone. They should think of another item to stop them. TAers should be use only if nesasary.

  2. Lukeyboy$$$ says:

    sorry spelling errors

  3. Elly and Lilyanna says:

    Hi everyone
    Both sides are worth debating for the elephant cull.
    We think that when we saw all the elephant tusks people should not kill the elephants just for there tusks.
    But we do understand that they are destroying the land and eating to much grass and hay.
    we are undecided for which side we are on.

  4. lily and mia says:

    Lily and I watched the class sizes and the orgain donation,
    In the class sizes we felt that we were on the small class side, because teachers can have more one on one time if a student is not copping.
    And for the orgain donation it did’nt really show both of the sides but we think when we die we will give our orgains to people in need, and we learnt that you only need 1 kidney to survive.

    From Mia and Lily.

  5. emma & kiah says:

    we think that the organ doning story was really sad and that people should donate.
    from emma & kiah

  6. MiTch says:

    Ben and I watched Duck Hunting. We think that duck hunting is fine unless there isn’t enough ducks. Duck hunting is normaly in autumn to mid winter.

  7. Jemima + Ella says:

    We watched the clip organ donors and we both agree that everyone should be an organ donor. It made us realise that if only one person is an organ donor it can save up to nine peoples live and that can make a massive impact. It definitely persuaded us because they put reality into it.
    E.g.; they used someone who actually had to have another organ and they had heaps of information.
    We think that organ donations should be done.

  8. Angela and Georgia says:

    Hi 5/6,

    We think that there is two sides of the argument.One side says that the elephants need to be killed because they are destroying the land and eating all the food and if they eat all the food then there will be nothing left for all the giraffs and the other animals.The other side is that they are killing the elephants for more of the ivory whitch is not good.

  9. chiara and charlotte says:

    We watched the dog story and found it very interesting. I have a staffy and he hasnt shown any bad side but if he dose than me and my famiy will defenetly do something about it by ceeping him away from people and ceeping him safe. We love him and would hate to lose him.

  10. Ned And Darcy says:

    We think kids should not get homework because we go to school for six hours a day and we should be able to relax after school also to much homework can be depressing. The video also said that too much homework could be bad and not teach us much.

  11. Clay and Will says:

    We watched the homework debate.
    They gave both sides of the debate, We were persuaded by how they let the kids show there points of view and the teachers. They used some scientific facts to persuade you that homework is important or not important. At the start Will thorght that it was diffenatly not important and people shouldnt get homework but now he thinks that a bit is okay!

  12. henryv29 says:

    Noah and Henry:
    Duck Hunting,
    We think that BTN used both sides. They talked about how f they use a hand gun it shoots them strait and it puts them out without pain. One of the badd things was that shotguns shoot lots of tiny pallets and at times it doesn’t kill the duck, but it REALLY hurts and it basicly TORTURES the duck! πŸ™ But they did show how they were only alowed to shoot 10 ducks a day. Altoghether it persuaded Noah and I think that duck hunting is legal because they limit the killings to 10 a week and it’s only allowed in a few states!
    Sorry for any bad spelling,
    -Noah and Henry! πŸ˜€

  13. ally and caitlin says:

    should not happen because they are a icon to Australia. its was mostly the dont kill them side and the only person who got interviewed was a japines man also it is un fair for the Kangaroos. they told us thr right information so we can pick a side πŸ™‚

  14. Ned And Darcy says:

    We watched the kangaroo cull and we think they gave both sides of the argument. There were was plenty of persuasive videos and statements. Some facts they used were experts and it persuaded us alot.

    We think they shouldn’t do kangaroo culling!

  15. paris and rylee says:

    We strongly believe that kangaroo cull is very bad because kangaroos are nattive to australia and no where else. In the video a man from over sea’s said that Australia is known for kangaroos and if we were to cull them it would no longer be a icon for Australia. We strongly believe that we should not cull kangaroos
    Paris and Rylee

  16. Laura says:

    I think the the organ donar is a very great idea and lot more people should do it. But the debate didnt show both sides of the video. But i think its great that they showed someone who has gone though it. Also great job Rylee.S. and Riley.L. for being acually donars.
    Lauzie πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  17. henryv29 says:

    Noah and Henry:
    Duck Hunting,
    We think that BTN used both sides. They talked about how they used a hand gun it and how they shoot them strait and it puts them out without pain. One of the bad things was that shotguns shoot lots of tiny pallets and at times it doesn’t kill the duck AND it REALLY hurts and it basicly TORTURES the duck instad of killing it! D: But they did show how they were only alowed to shoot 10 ducks a day. Altoghether it persuaded Noah and I think that duck hunting is legal because they limit the killings to 10 a week and it’s only allowed in a few states!
    Sorry for any bad spelling,
    -Noah and Henry! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  18. macka says:

    i dont think it is fare that kangaroos die why cant we just ship them off somewere else but dont kill them.

    they had no emotive or persuasive words.

  19. charlotte, ella and millie says:

    BTN taser debate

    The video was a good video because it showed both sides of the debate and they used facts and figures.They used life like images to persuade us.

    Ella Millie and Charlotte

  20. oliver and josh says:


    it used very perswasive videos and language. i also liked how they did behind the scenes videos. also they didn’t pick a side and they let you decide what you think.

  21. Leah & Tilly says:

    Leah and I watched the video named ‘Dangerous Dogs’.

    We believe that it is not the dogs falt that they attack and that it is the owners who are to blame. Besides, all dogs can be trained not to bite or attack, it’s not just Pit ball terriors.

    They persuaded us by getting an expert\preffesional to give ther appinion which gave us enough info to deside what side we are on.

    Dogs can be trained to be good and if we try hard enough we can make them the best man’s best friends we can.

  22. Ella and Bella says:

    Bella and Ella:
    Hi everyone,
    We decided to watch the Organ Donor clip.We thought that they did convince us a little bit that when you die your family should give the Organ Donor the part that the person in danger needs.We thought there was quiet a few emotive languages and images. It bought back a few memeories and moments of people that we knew.
    Thanks Everyone

  23. Tom.G and Matt.H says:

    I strongly believe that tasars should be used in self defenece againast criminals or terrorist. But not let out to be able to the public. But they did say more about it is good than bad, and yes they did use emotive words though out the clip.

  24. oliver and josh says:


    we realy liked how they showed both sides of the argument and again used both emotive videos and words. it was really hard to decide because they gave lots of infomation but didn’t make it boring.

  25. Tamilly says:

    Tamika and Milly strongly beleive that tasers shouldnt be used. Your taking the risk of killing someone when you could be using the capcican spray that doesn’t have a risk of killing someone. Police have lots of recources so the treser is not needed. We think that they took the using it side because they were showing all the training of using it.

  26. rubymcv says:

    I watched the elephant cull video but it didn’t really tell us why they should kill them or why they shouldn’t kill them and they said a few things that weren’t even about the debate.

  27. Ella and Bella says:

    Bella and Ella:
    Hi Everyone,
    We watched the Taser Debate video. It did convince us but we think that they shouldn’t use them too often only when absolutly needed. We think that it could’ve used a bit more persuasive language and maybe not say things the same over and over again.
    Thanks Everyone

  28. Zoe and Remony says:

    Zoe and I are undecided about The Homework Debate.
    The video was very interesting because it showed both sides of the arguement.

  29. meghenas blog says:

    i am on the dogs side for the dogs
    from meghenas blog

  30. Dylan and Cooper says:

    We watched underwater mining
    We belive that they gave both sides of the debate.
    They used a couple but they should have used more.
    They didn’t use facts or scientific info but they did use some experts to persuade us.

  31. Callum and Dylan says:

    This was a very evenly debated argument and had proffesionals talking about how tazers have saved police mans lives although they could have shown some fun ways to show facts.

  32. Juz says:

    I watched dangerous dogs;
    I think it was mainly just giving info about what everyone else says but I do think they were slightly going for the against of dangerous dogs.
    Yes, the did give images to tell you the breed of dog and made them look all technical but the thing is, they were talking about the dog breed ‘pitbull’ and then actually played ‘hey baby (drop it to the floor)’ while they were talking. I think their technique is to make it look as interesting as possible, not speaking in a monotone and to play good songs to get your attention!
    They did use facts saying to reduce the rate of dog attacks and they also got a dog walker in and she explains som things.

  33. Juz says:

    soz 4 the long comment. I hate that 2

  34. Elly and Ruby says:

    We watced Supermarkets and Brands in School and we think that they gave both sides of the debate but we think that they were more against then for . They used ads from the TV and used advertisments at America in school tests and report cards. They used facts but they didnt have any expert people!

  35. JAMES says:


  36. bailey and gabe says:

    we watched the tazer debate, we thought that it was very convincing that they should use tazers. they expain why they use them instead of guns.
    bailey and gabe

  37. meg and siobhan says:

    we watched ads in school which was about shops such as coles putting ads in school.
    the video had strong reaseons why they should and should not have ads in school the reasons gave us lots of info to pick a side. we thought that BTN made a great vidoe on this topic!

  38. Jarrod & Connor says:

    Tazer Debate,

    1.We think that it was more the no side then the yes side.

    2. They showed us images of people getting tazerd and diing.

    3. They used alot of scentific information.

    Connor and Jarrod

  39. Ava and Jessie says:

    We watched the school class sizes.
    They used a expert to help persuade a side and they used accurate facts. The class sizes are better when small to work with each person more.

  40. Jessica & Julia says:

    We watched Kangaroo Cull. We think that story gave both sides of the arguement really strongly because they didn’t just go on one side they went on both. We found it very persuasive when the chinese said ‘If we can’t kill whales than Australians can’t kill kangaroos. They used alot of facts to back their information up. We think that both sides are so strong that we are undecided.

  41. Daisy says:

    Hi 5/6
    I watched the population debate.
    I think Australia shouldn’t let more people in. In the video it gave both sides of the debate but it showed more about letting people in. They showed some persuasive videos about refugees and if we let more people in we will have a drought. They used an expert KEVIN RUDD.

  42. Emma and Catelyn says:

    We did the dangerous dogs clip and we thought it was a bit biost about the dogs getting locked up because that’s all you ever saw. But we both agree that they should be locked up or have a high fence, but if they’re trained, what’s the harm? It persuaded us to think a bit more that these dogs can be dangerous but can be trained and be very good pets.

  43. Jessica & Julia says:

    We watched organ donation. We think that they used lots of persuasive pictures and videos of the operation made it very persuasive. The music was the right type to go to the video. They used lots of facts to describe the suituation. We think that the video was very strong.

  44. xavierhs says:

    Taser debate
    I think tasers should only be used if really needed if not there is other option’s like pepper spray.It was more a no side then a yes side.It showed images of tasers and peaple dieing and used scientific info.

  45. Ollie And Lachie says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Lachie and i watched the video on duck hunting and it made us think that duck hunting is…… well we both had different opinions. Myself i thought duck hunting is a great idea becuase people enjoy it and you get a good feed roast duck =D. Lachie thought it was bad because duck hunting is bad bad because ducks dont hurt us so we dont hurt them.

  46. greengibb2 says:

    We watched the organ one it didn’t really have both sides of the argument,
    but we did get persuaded to donate our organs so when noah and i die we will donate ours.
    They had a girl that needed a organ her self. They had the girl hospital and that was emotive.
    Billy and Noah πŸ™‚

  47. hayley!%^&()*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** says:

    i watched class sizes and i think it doesnt matter how big the class is.
    i have a great teacher and 24 people i have leart lots

  48. finnj says:

    Max and I watche the taser one we thourght it was a bit byest it was on the side that ploice should have taser we thourght they should have tasers

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