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Parent lead workshops

May 24, 2013 by mmurnane   

We are inviting expressions of interest, from the parents of the students in the 5/6 learning community, to come to school on  either a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon during the last week of this term (26th or 27th June), and run a workshop for the students, based on your own personal interests and talents. The workshops will run for one hour – 2.15 – 3.15. You are welcome to join us for lunch on the day.

The plan at the moment, is for you to let us know what it is you would be interested in sharing with the students, depending upon your interests, skills, passions, hobbies and talents. This can be done as a comment on this blog post, or as an email –

Once we have a minimum of 12 workshops, we will place sign up sheets for your workshops around our learning space, and the students will select and sign up for a workshop. We will cap the number of students at  10 (more if you need students to make up a sports team or something similar – just let me know)

If your workshop incurs  a small cost for materials eg scrapbooking, we will include that information on the sign up sheet, so that the students will only sign up for that particular workshop,  if they aware of and  are prepared to, pay the costs.

We will let you know during the week prior to the workshops, exactly what numbers you will be working with.

Once we have a minimum of 12 workshops offered, we will send home more details. Please don’t let shyness stop you offering a work shop. These children are gorgeous and the learning environment is welcoming and friendly.

We are really looking forward to seeing the range of workshops you can offer. It is a brilliant opportunity for you to be involved with your child in their final years of Primary education, as well as for us to get to know each other a little better.


  1. Anne (Liam and Jarrod's Mum) says:

    What a great idea. I would be happy to run a workshop on making slices. Ex: Boost bar, mars bar, malteser or jaffa slice. I’m available Thursday afternoons.

  2. mmurnane says:

    Perfect Anne – work out the cost for ingredients – for 10 kids and we will pop that on the sign up sheet. Thanks for your enthusiasm. We’re really excited about it.

  3. Peter Marshall says:

    Great idea. I am willing to run a photography workshop for the 5/6 kids. Cheers, Peter

  4. mmurnane says:

    Thanks Peter – what an exciting workshop that will be. We have heaps of kids who are talented and passionate photographers. Really appreciate you taking part in our little venture.

  5. Julie Fitzpatrick says:

    This sounds a great concept!
    I could run a workshop on some basics of Watercolour Painting.
    I am available on a Thursday afternoon but not on a Wednesday.
    Julie (Mum of Liam Fitzpatrick)

  6. mmurnane says:

    Julie, that would be awesome. You are the 5th workshop offered and we really appreciate your willingness. At this stage, it will be on Thursday afternoon, so sounds like that will suit you. Thanks again.

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