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June 24, 2013 by mmurnane   

Georgia with Father Linh and Bishop Vincent – after Confirmation yesterday.

The fabulous choir which sang so beautifully at Confirmation on Sunday

Huge congratulations to the 50 St Therese students and their parents, who celebrated their Confirmation at a special mass yesterday afternoon. Congratulations also, to the 9 students from Anglesea, who also participated in the sacrament of Confirmation.

Thanks to Mr Dando and Mr Hynes, who prepared our students so thoroughly, in the weeks leading up to this special day in the lives of our students, their families and the parish community.

Congratulations to the students who presented themselves most respectfully and knowledgeably, to Father Linh, Bishop Vincent and the parish community.

A big congratulations also, to year 5 students Megheena, Matilda, Leah, Genevieve, Ava, Ella J, Siobhan, Hayley who provided some beautiful vocals to our celebration, accompanied with vocals, piano and guitar, by Jess Chisolm  and Mr Hindson. This choir provided the perfect musical background to what was a perfect day. Thanks also to the parents of these year 5 students, who brought them along to the mass.



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