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Parent lead workshops

June 25, 2013 by mmurnane   

Well we are almost at the end of term 2 – where on earth did those last (nearly) 11 weeks go? We are looking forward to our parent lead workshops on Thursday. We ended up with 7 great workshops for the students and I would like to thank those parents in advance, for offering their expertise and time for the education and enjoyment of our students.

Thanks to:

  • Bernie Hellard – scrapbooking
  • Anne Africa – cooking
  • Julie Fitzpatrick – watercolour painting
  • Anthea Reid – pilates
  • Chris White- tie dying hoodies
  • Trevor Ward – skateboarding
  • Pete Marshall – photography

I will upload some photos from the workshops here on the blog, after Thursday.


  1. Indi says:

    For Design and dye a hoodie you have to bring
    Things to bring:
    Old coathanger
    Artsmock or an old T-shirt
    And a
    Plastic bag


  2. Bernie says:

    Don’t forget your photos for those who are in the scrap book class and your creativity !
    Bernie Hellard

  3. mmurnane says:

    Bernie, we had a reminder session this afternoon, so that the kids should remember to bring along all the requirements. Looking forward to seeing all the fabulous workshops in action.

  4. kateem says:

    Thanks so much to all of the teachers and parents that were involved in this super fun and exciting day. When I first got to school on Thursday I just wanted them to be right away but the tension was definitely building up for me because I was super excited for cooking. In the end my slice came up really good and it tasted delicious. I just want to say a big thanks to Anne Africa for donating her time to have some fun with us in the school kitchen!

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