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Guess who came to see us today?

August 1, 2013 by mmurnane   

A surprise visitor brightens our day on PhotoPeach
Double click on the bottom right hand corner, to enlarge the screen. 🙂

We had the most delightful surprise this morning, when Mrs Arnel popped in to see us. The teachers thought a movie star (or a Cat’s football player) had walked into the yard, when a stampede of children escaped the learning centre and ran into the biggest smile and warmest embrace, of Mrs Arnel. We filled her in on everything that has been happening during the term, which was heaps – and she enjoyed hearing all the funny stories from the year 5 camp.

Thanks so much for visiting Pauline – we miss you heaps and talk about you often, so it was fantastic to see you once again, at St Therese.


  1. Mrs Arnel says:

    How wonderful it was to visit the 5/6’s today! The purpose of my visit was to thank everyone for their lovely gifts and cards for my birthday. It was so exciting to open gifts and read so many beautiful messages from students, teachers and parents. Thanks again for your happy smiling faces and warm welcome back into the 5/6 community!!Mrs Arnel

  2. ally says:

    Mrs Arnel you are so brave and wonderful. we all have missed you and you lite up our day when you came in! 🙂
    best hopes for the futur!!

  3. ltodd says:

    I agree with you Ally, it was fantastic to see Mrs Arnel back as we have missed her in the 5/6 Community! She did lighten up our day 🙂

  4. Mrs Arnel says:

    Gosh I’ll have to drop in more often!! I dont know if my head will fit through the door though!! Love to you all. Im loving looking at the blog so I can keep up with all the exciting things you are doing. Mrs Arnel

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