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Home and away – John Marsden

September 3, 2013 by mmurnane   

During literacy this fortnight, we have been analysing a picture story book titled “HOME AND AWAY”, written by Australian author, John Marsden. The students have been writing some amazing responses to this thought provoking book, which forces the reader to consider the refugee issue, through the eyes of Australian refugees. There are so many responses I could and will share, as they get finished, but I would like to kick it off by sharing this amazing poem which was written by year 5 student Martha. Check out the links after Martha’s poem, to read some more fabulous responses to the issue of regugees in Australia.

As I walk down the hall I hear

Where is the apricot yogurt?

Pack your bags!

See you dad

Then bang goes the gun

And pop goes the bomb

The war has started

Screams and sirens shatter our world

On the boat!

Get on the boat! cries dad

It sways from side to side

Hope is my travelling companion

A new world

A fresh start

But is it?
Letter to the Prime Minister (whoever that is after Saturday) Paris F
Home and Away poem – Dylan H
Tomorrow when the war began Riley B
Book blurb – Callum
Home and Away poem Tom G
Wake up in the morning Bella
Home and away – a poem Olivia G
Home and away Diary Charlie
A diary Mia C


  1. Janine, Thomas's Mum says:

    Wow, great poem Martha, very insightful.

  2. Angella Clifford says:

    Loved your poem Martha. I felt that poem deeply. I think the refugee story needs to be felt personally to be understood. it cannot be easy starting all over and not knowing what the future holds.

    Also, I am a huge John Marsden fan and was happy to see him publish a picture book. Picture Books are a a creative way to convey a story with words and illustrations and are definitely not just for younger children. Keep enjoying your picture books 5/6.

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