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A trip down memory lane

September 4, 2013 by mmurnane   

How cute were these little year 1’s in 2008. They are still cute, but they are now in year 6 and 5 years older. We had such fun this afternoon, reminiscing and having a little smile, at this gorgeous video. Thanks Mrs Robertson (Milani) for bringing it to our attention again.


  1. Debbie Ashley says:

    Very cute, and still very relevant abt environment today!! Those grade 1 children are off to high school next year!!

  2. rubyp says:

    Emma Walters you have changed soooo much and your a cutie!!
    so are you smashy!!!!!

  3. ajordan says:

    Yes I remember all those cute Year One students too! How they’ve grown! We had a great year planting our school’s first kitchen gardens, cooking an afternoon tea for the parents and visiting the Geelong Botanical Gardens. With this creative and clever video, we also won a grant to help us set up our Green Dream. I think Mrs Robinson will go into film making one day and this will be a collector’s item. What do those students remember about that year?

  4. Paula Jedynak says:

    What a beautiful presentation of gorgeous young kids that are now gorgeous big kids, I just loved seeing this again, thank you

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