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Advent calendars

October 28, 2013 by mmurnane   

Today in RE, we are making advent calendars. You can work in pairs to create an advent calendar using powerpoint. The instructions for creating it in powerpoint, are listed below. The alternative is to create a powerpoint, using some of the ideas listed here.


  • Open powerpoint
  • Select whichever shape you would like for your calendar boxes
  • You need to be mathematical now. You have to RESIZE YOUR SHAPE so that you can create a 5×5 grid which fills the slide eg 25 shapes
  • RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on each of the 25 shapes individually, and CHANGE THE COLOUR
  • RIGHT MOUSE CLICK and type the numbers 1 – 25 on each shape
  • Select an image from clip art and drag it onto one of the boxes.
  • Resize the clip art so that it will fit underneath the shape
  • The clip art will now be sitting on top of the shape
  • Either – Click on the shape (this can be tricky separating the shape from the clip art. Make sure you have the shape outlined)
  • OR click on the image, format picture – send to the back
  • ANIMATIONS – select a custom animation for your shape so that when you click on it, it moves aside to reveal your clip art.
  • Select animations from the “exit’ selections
  •  Do this in numerical order eg 1 – 25. You can preview the animation by clicking on PREVIEW which is on the far left side of the tool bar, underneath file
  • Remember to save your powerpoint to your folder.
  • Begin your powerpoint, but before clicking on the shapes, take a screen shot PRT SC
  • Copy and paste this into PAINT and save into your folders
  • Begin your powerpoint again, but this time click all the boxes so that your slide just contains the clip art images


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