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  1. Surfing – Urquharts Bluff

    November 23, 2013 by mmurnane

    Urquharts Bluff – day 1 on PhotoPeach

    Urquharts Bluff surfing – day 2 on PhotoPeach

    A huge thank you to Mr Grayme Galbraith and his brilliant team from the Torquay Surf Academy, for providing us with another 2 days of amazing fun in the surf at Urquharts Bluff in Anglesea. Gally and his team are competent and professional in their dealings with the students and we had many students “stand” for the very first time, on a surf board. The grins on the faces of all students, regardless of skill levels, was joyful to see.

    Thank you also, to Mr Julian Sweeney, who coordinated the Nippers activities on day 1. Julian and his willing team of Gary Hindle, Wayne Reid, Alisha Blay, Maree Inguanti, Melissa McKeegan and Mike Blackwood, provided the students with water safety messages and fun activities which promote fun and fitness.

    A big thank you as well, for the assistance we had on day 2, when Gary Hindle, Georgia Atkinson, Mike Blackwood and Alisha Blay, returned to provide us with water supervision during the beach activities and again, in the surf.

    Without the assistance of these parents and helpers, we would be unable to offer such an amazing 2 day program for our students. Your help is greatly appreciated by both students and staff. It was smiles all round, despite a few anxious moments regarding weather conditions. Thanks to all again, from the 5/6 learning community.

  2. Waterfront photos – before the Blue Light Disco

    November 23, 2013 by mmurnane

    Before the Blue Light disco on PhotoPeach

  3. The brilliant Lorax production

    September 14, 2013 by mmurnane

    The Lorax – excitement before the show on PhotoPeach

    The Lorax performance on PhotoPeach

    WOW! What a treat we had on Thursday when we went across to the hall to see the production of The Lorax – performed brilliantly by the students in years 3 and 4. The story, with a sustainability focus, was amazing. Congratulations to the specialist teachers who have worked so hard this term, to put this production together and congratulations to the students who performed the show so creatively, confidently and with such gorgeous, happy faces. We all walked out of that hall, with smiles on our faces too. Thanks

  4. An afternoon in our Learning centre

    September 9, 2013 by mmurnane

    What does Big Idea look like? on PhotoPeach

    Sometimes you might wonder what an afternoon looks like in our learning centre. These photos are from one of Big idea sessions this afternoon. Lots of planning, designing, assembling, reconstructing and explaining going on, as well as loads of cooperation, collaboration and communication. In a word, a busy, productive and exciting place to be.

  5. Today’s liturgy

    September 4, 2013 by mmurnane

    Eucharist Liturgy on PhotoPeach

    Congratulations to all students involved in today’s liturgy which demonstrated prayerful support for all our Eucharist candidates. It was a very moving liturgy, beautifully carried out by youngest students at our school.

  6. Thanks Leah, Georgia and Genevieve

    August 29, 2013 by mmurnane

    Outdoor garden on PhotoPeach

    As part of her enviro week, Leah bought some seedlings for us to plant out in our new outdoor garden area. These photos show the girls in action, planting and making our area more beautiful. It also shows some grateful users of the new area, showing their appreciation with big smiles. This garden is a work in progress. We have a few more plans for it yet and welcome any plants or outdoor garden ornaments if you have anything that might need a fresh new home. Thanks very much to Leah and her family, for the new plants. They are just gorgeous.

  7. Trash ‘N Fashion

    August 29, 2013 by mmurnane

    Trash n Fashion on PhotoPeach

    Congratulations to Miss Emma Powell, a student teacher who has been working very hard this week with our students, to create clothes and accessories, using recycled materials. Today we had our first Trash ‘n Fashion show – and the cat walk was busy with talented and creative styles, smiles and fashion. Thanks Emma for leading this initiative and for providing us with some fabulous entertainment this afternoon.

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  8. An afternoon at the beach

    August 26, 2013 by mmurnane

    Our crazy hair walkathon, which was postponed from Friday, took place today. We ate our lunch at school, then walked down to Fishos for an afternoon of fun in the sun (well maybe not sun, but certainly no wind or rain.) We had a brilliant time as you can see from the smiles. Thanks to the 3/4 learning community, who came up with this idea and a big thanks to the students who got into the spirit of things and had a lovely afternoon in the sun and sand.

  9. Crazy Hair day

    August 23, 2013 by mmurnane

    Crazy Hair day on PhotoPeach

    There is either something strange in the local water, or the students (and one very dodgy looking teacher) had knowledge of there being a crazy hair day today. What a great effort the students went to, to support the crazy hair day.

  10. Disco pics from Pete Marshall

    August 21, 2013 by mmurnane

    Disco on PhotoPeach

    Disco 2 on PhotoPeach

    Thanks so much to Mr Pete Marshall, Will’s dad – who took these gorgeous photos for us at the disco on Friday night.

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