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  1. Start and Stop poetry

    May 29, 2013 by mmurnane

    This week in literacy, the students have been writing Start and Stop poems – inspired by the work of Corbett Harrison.  Macka’s is written below, and I will be adding links to other students writing, over the next few days. In writing poems in this style, we are learning to use imagery, similes, metaphors (see below) to enhance our writing.

    ……….the goal of the writer should be to include enough details in between the two repeating lines so that a reader might just not remember the last line of the poem is a repeat of its first line unless they go back and look carefully. A good Start & Stop Poem, I always say, also requires a second poetic tool (simile, metaphor, rhyme, onomatopoeia, personification, alliteration, imagery etc.) to fill in those details.” Corbett Harrison

    Inside a book

    there is another world

    another place

    where anything can happen

    where everything happens

    where magic comes to life

    and you put your differences aside 

    and it all happens

    inside a book

    MacKenzie Ewings – year 5

    Check out these fabulous Start and Stop poetry from some of our other students:

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