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1. What were some of the things you DISCOVERED after watching the first 2 episodes?

2. What WONDERINGS do you now have?

3. What were some of the GOOD things about the introduction of the Internet?

4. What are some of the BAD things about the introduction of the internet?

Millie Toondoo 2


Click here to learn how to be cybersmart!


  1. matilda says:

    I have been on this website alot and I still think it is a great place for us all to learn the bad/good things about the intrenet. It really gets people atracted to the website because it is not to hard to understand or to babyish because there is a page for young kids, kids, teens and even parents.
    It is teaching us very importent things! (I think)

  2. Millie says:

    I think anything that helps show any age to be cybersmart is a great idea!

  3. Millie says:

    I really like this website because it goes form little juniours to adults! I suggest it if you have queries about being cybersmart because this really helps!

  4. Tara says:

    I think this is a great website to learn about cybersafety and you should definetly go on it.
    It really helps!

  5. Issy says:

    i Think that website is great. I think the should have a place were you write on how you know how to be safe. What do you think? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  6. Ben A says:

    i think cyber saftey is relly important esspically on face book and stuff like that.

  7. Georgia says:

    The website is a really good way to help younger kids understand the main risks of the internet. Make sure you ckeck it out !!

  8. Brianna d says:

    you need to be really aware when youre on the internet because it is so easy to be some one else. this website is great because it makes it easy for kids to understand about cybersafety.

  9. oscar says:

    i would highly recomend this website to anyone of any age because it has very useful information about the internet and its privlages and dangers

  10. evangeline says:

    I used to watch this just for the fun of it. Because of this it actually “implanted” the message in my brain. I have never forgotten what it taught me.

  11. Millie says:

    I really like the features of the “Quizes” They really help me understand of the rules of being Cyber smart and I also like the “Do’s and Donts” Also it is quite scary of the consenquences of not being cybersafe! Also I have made a Toondoo especially for being cyber safe I hope to put it on here!

  12. jake says:

    i think that website is really great i love websites that show me sybersafty because im always on the computer and im not taking my chances ! πŸ™‚

  13. mattea says:

    This website is great for kids of any age as you can choose if you are a little kid a teen or our age.This website is great because you can learn about cyber safety in fun ways.I did the quiz and i found out that i got them all right you should try it out and then post your scores!

  14. cailin says:

    it is really important to make sure that you know the website that you are on and not put any personal details on it.

  15. kirsty says:

    I think taht website is great for younger kids to learn about Cybersafety. it tells you what and not to do on the internet
    go on and have a browse

  16. oscar says:

    at my old school we studied this for a whole term and we ended up making our own schools social network called chatterbox…i think we should try it?

  17. evangeline says:

    The only thing that puzzles me about this website is that some little kids cant read and that most of them aren’t allowed to go on the computer anyway.

  18. Tara says:

    This website is great, it shows how important the internet is and what can happen if you use it wrong.

  19. Dena says:

    It is great to read that so many of our students are thinking about internet use and how powerful it can be, yet also reflecting on the safety aspect. Keep up the terrific conversation. Any ideas on how we can spread this thinking even wider?

  20. jack mc says:

    make our own website about cyber safety in 3rd website

  21. kalenw says:

    Cybersafty is a big part of growing,we have to know how to be safe on the net but still have fun.Our generation is moving ahead so we sould be more aware.Love the great comments boys keep up the good work.:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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