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5/6 Welcome Newsletter Parent Letter – start of year-2016

Bring Your Own Device Student_Agreement


Year 6 Camp Notes








Term 4

Year 5 Camp Note

Yr 5 camp forms 2015



Police Bluelight Disco 2015 permission note


 Term 3

Arts Excursion permission note

Term 1

Grade 6 Camp Notes:





Parent Information Letter click below:

Parent Letter – start of year-2015

If you would like your child to bring their electronic device please read and sign the agreement below and send to Ronald Dando.

 Student_Agreement BYOD


Term 4 

Yr 5/6 Excursions

BioLab Excursion

Bluelight Disco

Surf Day 2014


Yr 5 YMCA Camp

Yr 5 camp forms 2014




Hi Parents and welcome to our Blog. This page will help keep you informed about what is happening in the 5/6 learning community. Check in weekly to keep up to date!

Term 2

2014 Confirmation

Confirmation Sacramental Letter 2014


5/6-  Legacy’s 83rd ANZAC Commemoration Ceremony on Wednesday 23rd April

            Geelong Legacy Club Shrine Excursion

Term 1

Yr 6- Sacred Heart excursion on Wednesday 12th March. Find attached the permission note.

Sacred Heart Excursion


Year 6 camp will be on the 31st March to the 2nd April.

Year 6 Camp Letter


Welcome to the 5/6 Learning Community-  Parent Letter – start of year-2014





Glitter Text -





Very Important letter for your child due on Monday 17th June

For the reflection day can you please write a special letter to your child telling them about how proud you are of what they have achieved so far in their life. You can hand write or type the letter. Can you please put it in a sealed envelope with your child’s name written on the front. Please give it to your child by the due date so they can give it to Ronald Dando or Rick Hynes. The letter will be read on the reflection day which is on Wednesday 24th June.




Permission notes

Far too many students are claiming to either not have received permission notes, or to have lost them. As a school  which promotes sustainability, we are reluctant to reprint these notes in the numbers which seem to be required. We will attach all permission notes to the blog on the Notes/permission forms page, so that you can print them from home if required. We appreciate your cooperation in this.


Year 6 myki cards
A reminder to parents of year 6 students – that you will need to buy a myki card for your child, and put a value of $10 on the card. A lanyard for the students to wear around their necks – to keep the card secure – is advised.

I also forgot to add bathers and a towel on the list of things required to bring. We are swimming at MSAC on one of our camp days. Thanks

Hello and welcome to the parents and friends of the awesome students in the 5/6 learning community. We have had a great start to the year and whilst we have done a lot of testing, sorting, grouping and setting up routines, the students are still smiling and enjoying school.

This week we enjoyed pancakes on Shrove Tuesday – the delicious product of a dedicated Parents and friends. The teachers pancake race was a big hit with children cheering from the sidelines. Ash Wednesday mass was beautiful and a lovely way for us to begin the lenten season, as a school community. The students have set themselves goals for lent – having discussed the fact that doing kind deeds for others, is equally worthy of giving up something in lent.

The plan is, to attach all notes, permission notes etc – to this page, so that in the event of the children misplacing these, you are able to print them off at home. The way the blog page works, the most recent will be on the top of the list.
2013 Buddy Picnic
Year 6 Melbourne camp details

Parent information letter February 2013

glitter logo -


Welcome to our 5/6 Learning Community Blog. Please make sure you check this page reguarly for updates, notices and any forms that you may need.

Dear Parents and Carers,
The children have made a great start to school, with children quickly adapting to the school routines, some of them to a brand new area of the school. This note is to outline a few housekeeping items and hopefully clarify some of your questions.
In the Year 5/6 area your son or daughter is very lucky in the fact that they have not one but seven teachers – Mrs Emma Rayson, Mrs Pauline Arnel, Mr Luke Hindson, Mr Rick Hynes, Mr Ronald Dando, Miss Leanne Mahon and Mrs Lizzi Larkin.

Parent Emails
We would really appreciate it if ALL parents could give us their email addresses as another form of communication between school and home. If you could actually email your homeroom teacher (email addresses are at the bottom of the back page) then we will have the correct address and can make sure we are in constant contact.

Specialist Days
Library borrowing – Monday and Tuesdays
Specialist Day / Teacher Planning Day – Every second Thursday (even weeks)
Children wear sports uniform – Specialist days and EVERY Friday

Diaries are provided to students to assist them in managing and monitoring their tasks. It is expected that it is at school each day and taken home Monday-Thursday nights. Parents should check diaries regularly for teacher communication. Diaries are also a great way to communicate with any teacher in the Year 5/6 area.

Parent / Teacher Interviews
These are held every second Wednesday. To make an appointment with a teacher you will need to call the office and book an appointment time. When you call the office please tell one of the lovely ladies which staff member you would like to see. You will need to be clear if it is a Maths (Mr Dando, Mr Hindson and Mr Hynes), Literacy (Mrs Arnel and Miss Mahon) or ‘other’ issue (homeroom teacher), and book time with the appropriate teacher. If you would like to see more than one teacher you can arrange for more than one teacher to sit in on the interview. We would also like to encourage students to attend these meetings.

Please be at school by around 8.45am, giving your child plenty of time to unpack their bag and be ready for the start of the school day. There is no supervision before 8:30am. If your child is absent please phone the office or write a note.

Hot Dogs and Sushi orders
Hot dogs are available to order every second Wednesday, starting week 3. Sushi is available every second Monday starting week 4. If orders are not in at 9am we will no longer take late orders, students will be provided with a toasted vegemite sandwich instead.

5/6 Learning Community Blog
The 5/6 area has a blog which is regularly updated and a great way for you to see at home the wonderful and exciting things that are going on in our area. This year each student will also have their own blog where they will post their discoveries, wonderings, reflections and showcase their learning experiences. The students would love to hear your thoughts and read your comments, so please visit these blogs regularly and maybe even save the blogs in your favourites. When leaving comments please never use your surname, a great way for us to be ‘cybersafe.’
Under the ‘Parents’ page you will also find regular updates and extra copies of any notes sent home, just incase they have been misplaced somewhere between school and home.
The web address for the 5/6 blog is
You can also follow us on twitter @elwright

It would be greatly appreciated if you could send along a box of tissues with your child for the 5/6 area.

Your child will be provided with a satchel that will hold all of their belongings, allowing them to move from area to area easily. It is expected that your child has a pencil case with coloured pencils/crayons/textas, etc. Please make sure all items, including clothing are labelled.

Please make sure your son/daughter is wearing the correct FULL school uniform at all times. If circumstances prevent them from being in full school uniform please send a note along to school explaining why.

Students will have weekly homework from all areas of the curriculum. This may be given to them or posted on the 5/6 blog. Students will also be expected to read each night of the week. They will also be expected to do a little work in helping to maintain their blog.

Sustainable School
Our school is a sustainable school so please try to avoid wrappers or throw away containers in your child’s lunch. We take pride in producing as little amount of rubbish as we possibly can. Every Friday is “Nude Food Fridays” where we ask your child to bring no rubbish to school in their lunch boxes. You can help the 5/6 area win this competition by packing ALL food in re-usable containers before putting it in their lunch boxes.

Newsletters are sent out fortnightly via email. So we suggest you make sure you have emailed the address or update the address you wish to use to Tess on

Contemporary Learning
During the year we will be drawing on the expertise of lots of different people. If you are (an expert) in a particular field could you let us know and we might have a conversation with you and some of the children either in person or via skype. We look to showing you our 5/6 area in action at the Parent Information Night. Following the Information Night we will arrange one morning where people can see our area in action with an ‘Open Classroom’.

Thank you for your support, if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Mrs Emma Rayson (Team Leader) Mr Rick Hynes

Mrs Pauline Arnel Mr Luke Hindson

Miss Leanne Mahon Mr Ronald Dando

Mrs Lizzi Larkin

Thanks to Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan from Leopold Primary for this poster “How Can I Write a Great Blog Comment?” to teach students about blogging skills.

Permission Form Year 6 Melbourne 2012
Permission Note

Medical Form


  1. rhynes says:

    Wow I can’t believe that camp is only 1 week away!!! How exciting is it Year 6’s that we are going to Melbourne for a few days! I know that I am so excited I am having trouble sleeping 🙂 🙂 All the teachers are really looking forward to heading away with all of you guys and girls and getting to know you even more outside of school! Tell me why you are so excited about the camp next week???

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  3. Rosheen says:

    To all the teachers who went on year 6 camp

    Thank-you!!I am sure you are all exhaused from the action packed adventures in the city! Aaron had a great time!
    Congratulaions on an amazing camp, the kids will definately remember it!


  4. Ella J says:

    I’m going to the shrine but I’m not shore what uniform to wear.
    My mum will probably make me wear the winter uniform. I just don’t want to be the only one wearing the winter uniform.

  5. rdando says:

    Hi Ella it is full school uniform. Winter Uniform will be what we want you to wear.

  6. Mpengelly says:

    I was just wondering what days it’s sport because I keep on getting confused all my friends say it’s on different days! Thanks

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