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Term 1 2014

Weeks 8 and 9 Independent Blogging Activities

You will have 2 sessions to work on your blogs during this time.

This time there are 2 ‘must do activities’ as well as the ‘can do’ things you have been experimenting with over the past couple of weeks.


1. Complete a ‘100 word challenge’.

The prompt is:       … but when she lifted the lid…

Your piece should be 106 words long and you must include the prompt as it is written.

2. Watch the BTN clip about Paralympic medals below and make a comment about your thoughts and/or feelings. Make sure you explain ‘why’ you think that.  Your reflection should be a minimum of 100 words.

Go to  to watch the clip and scroll down to find the episode.

3. Create a book club page on your own blog, where you can reflect on your learning. Write your first reflection as a post on this page.

Weeks 6 and 7 Independent Blogging Activities

You will have 2 sessions to work on your blogs during this time.

This time there are 2 ‘must do activities’ as well as the ‘can do’ things you have been experimenting with over the past couple of weeks.


1. Complete a ‘100 word challenge’.

Compose and record a piece of writing that contains 100 words (maximum) and that contains these four words: RACING, FORMULA ONE, MELBOURNE, CRASH

2. Watch the BTN clip below and make a comment about your thoughts or feelings about…

What do you think about organ donation?

How do you think you would feel if you were in the same position?

Do You think compulsory organ donation should be introduced? Why?


Week 4 and 5 Independent Blogging Activities

You will have 3 sessions to work on your blog. Please follow the steps below:

1)  set yourself some goals of what you would like to complete in each session

2) you can use some of the suggestions below or set your own goals.

3) each student will set themselves their own goals and can be different.

4) About 15 minutes before the end of the session you need to write a reflection on your blog using the following prompts to help you:

-what is something new that you learnt?

-what did you find difficult?

-what could you do better/ improve on next time?

-is there something new you found that you could share with others?

-how did you manage your time?

Suggested Activities 

1) Add a new post to your page

2) Change your background

3) Add a voki

4) Add a widget to your blog

5) Teach someone a new skill

6) Add a picture with a description about it

7) Write a post about yourself and add a picture (not using your last name)

8) Publish a piece of writing

9)  Find out something new and teach someone else. They can then use this skill and put it onto their blog

10) Use glitter text for a title

11) Write a short story using the words –  flight, half pipe, uniform.

10) Complete a hundred word challenge using the following prompt

… but all we could see was water…



You need to reflect at the end of each session about your learning, so ensure you leave enough time to do this.





Term 2 2013

Friday 24th May

Either, complete the “Favourites” challenge on the student blogging challenge


add some of your writing – sizzling starts, the most important thing poems or a post of your choice – to your own blog – add images where appropriate.


add your weekly reflection. Include reflections about things you have done well, areas in which you can improve, work you are proud of, good learning choices you made etc Add images if you wish.

Monday May 13th

Student blogging challenge This will take the entire period, so start quickly and work on your own and with focus. Have fun
15th – 19th April
Blogging activities this week include:
Completing student blogging
• Try out some of the games listed here, to practice your spelling and knowledge of parts of speech. You can select from Spiderman spelling; Tutpup; Spelling city
• Any of the language conventions interactive games
Wacky Web Tales
Add a post at the end the session where you have played some of the games – reporting back to the other students and Ms Murnane, on some things you learnt in playing the games.

Term 1 – week 7

11th – 15th March

I know that you have 2 days off this week, but that makes it more important than ever, to do some of this week’s blogging challenge from home.  This week’s challenge can be found here and it also has a checklist from last week. See how many of the things you can tick off. Good luck with this week’s challenge – it’s all about freedom!


Term 1 – week 6
4th – 8th March

Yay! The blogging challenge has arrived. This week in blogging, you are to work through the student blogging challenge, posting all your work on your own blog. Have fun!
student blogging challenge

Blogging workshop


Some of the year 5/6 students, busily creating their advent calendars which was this week’s workshop.

Weeks 7 and 8 – term 4

Students during these two weeks, will be learning how to create their own individualised Advent Calendars, using Powerpoint.

Creating your own Advent calendar

  • Open powerpoint
  • Select whichever shape you would like for your calendar boxes
  • You need to be mathematical now. You have to RESIZE YOUR SHAPE so that you can create a 5×5 grid which fills the slide eg 25 shapes
  • RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on each of the 25 shapes individually, and CHANGE THE COLOUR
  • RIGHT MOUSE CLICK and type the numbers 1 – 25 on each shape
  • Select an image from clip art and drag it onto one of the boxes.
  • Resize the clip art so that it will fit underneath the shape
  • The clip art will now be sitting on top of the shape
  • Either – Click on the shape (this can be tricky separating the shape from the clip art. Make sure you have the shape outlined)
  • OR click on the image, format picture – send to the back
  • ANIMATIONS – select a custom animation for your shape so that when you click on it, it moves aside to reveal your clip art.
  • Select animations from the “exit’ selections
  •  Do this in numerical order eg 1 – 25. You can preview the animation by clicking on PREVIEW which is on the far left side of the tool bar, underneath file
  • Remember to save your powerpoint to your folder.
  • Begin your powerpoint, but before clicking on the shapes, take a screen shot PRT SC
  • Copy and paste this into PAINT and save into your folders
  • Begin your powerpoint again, but this time click all the boxes so that your slide just contains the clip art images
  • Take a screen shot of this screen – PRT SC
  • Copy and past this into PAINT and save into your folders
  • Upload these two images to your blog, with an explanation of what you have done – include a reflection on what worked well and what you could have done better

Weeks 5 and 6 – term 4

For the next two weeks, students will learn to:

  • resize photos using Irfanview
  • save these photos into a new folder in their folders, called “Blog Photos”
  • create a  photo flick, using Picture trail  

IRFANVIEW – resizing photos

  • Click on Irfanview
  • BROWSE (and locate your photo)
  • Click OPEN – or double click on the photo
  • Change the original size of the photo (which will be highlighted in blue) to 500
  • Make sure you create a new folder within your folder, and call it “BLOG PHOTOS” (to create a new folder – right mouse click – new – folder

PICTURE TRAIL – creating photo flicks

  • FREE SIGN UP – use the same username and password that you use for EDMODO
  • Scroll down to “COOL SHAPES”
  • Select the shape you want and it will appear at the top of your page, for you to look at. Imagine your own photos in this shape
  • Once you have selected your shape:
    • ADD PHOTOS (do a multiple upload by highlighting all your selected photos in your blog photos folder)
    • CUSTOMIZE FLICK – select skins, borders, backgrounds, transitions,
    • SAVE (get code)
    • Copy the HTML code and paste it as a new post, on your blog. Make sure you paste it into the HTML tab on your blog
      • Picture trail
      • Blogging
      • ADD NEW TAGS
        • Beach, surfing, Point Addis, Urquharts Bluff, waves, Australian beaches
        • Publish


  • Copy the URL from the post on your blog
  • Find the appropriate post on which to turn it in – PICTURE TRAIL
  • LINK
  • Paste the link
  • Scroll to the bottom – rate the task by selecting a badge and leave a comment if you like
  • TURN IN ASSIGNMENT (visit your home page – there should now be a green tick TURNED IN)

Week 3 and 4

 Adding new categories and tags

It is really important that you categorise and tag your entries – each time you add a post. This means that you can search for posts which have a common theme, or just search for an individual post from a few days or weeks ago.

Go to the “categories” tab to the right of your new post and scroll down to where it says “ADD NEW CATEGORIES”. Think about what it is you are adding. It might be homework, writing, BTN, Reflection etc.

+ Add New Category



Each time you add another post, make sure you either tick the check box or add a new category.

You also need to tag your work which is easily done by adding new tags (underneath the categories tab) Just think of a couple of themes or words which are in your post and type them in the space, separated by commas.


Separate tags with commas


TASK 1: Update your “Big Idea – Term 3” page

What have you been doing on your negotiated tasks over the past week or so?

TASK 2: Create an invitation to the 5/6 Expo using “Smore”

Smore is a great new website where you can create beautiful flyers, invitations and event pages.
Today you are going to use Smore to create an invitation for the 5/6 Expo and publish it on to your blog.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to Smore. Here is the link.

2. You will need to create an account . Click on….


 3. This box will appear.





4. Click on “Sign-up without Facebook” and this box will appear

Make sure you use your school email address and use a password you are going to remember, perhaps one you use for something else. You may even like to write it in your diary.




5. Once you have created an account you can click on



6. You will then be presented with the following page…. for today’s activity click on “Event Invitation”










7. When you have clicked on “Event Invitation” you will be taken to a page where you can start to create your invitation to the 5/6 Expo.

You might like to watch the following video to see all the amazing things you can do to your invitation using Smore

A Cupcake Story from Smore on Vimeo.



8. The details for the Expo are:

DATE: Tuesday 11th September

TIME: 2:15 – 3:15pm

LOCATION: St Therese Hall


You can fill in all the other details. Have a play around, how can you make it creative and really eye catching?


8. When you have finished your invitation click on….



9. The following table will then appear

Click on  “Link or Embed” and you wil be given a code. This code needs to be copied and pasted on to your blog as a new post titled “5/6 Expo Invitation






















Creating your “Big Idea – Term 3” Page – What to do…


Create a new page on your blog titled: Big Idea – Term 3

SUB TITLE: The Olympics – History, Geography and Economics
Much like your other Big Idea page you will need to give a brief introduction which might sound something like this…
This term our focus in Big Idea is – The Olympics. With a sub focus in Histroy, Geography and Economics. The first week of term we were tuned into the topic by completing 5 rotations. These included: (give some examples of what you learnt/discovered in each rotation)
1. Olympic History –
2. British and Eurpoean History –
3. Australian History –
4. Economics –
5. Geography –
For the rest of the term I am going to follow my interests to link in with our topic of The Olympics and complete 3 tasks that I have negotiated with a 5/6 teacher.

Negotiated task 1 – History: I am going to …
Negotiated task 2 – Georgraphy: I am going to …
Negotiated task 3 – Economics: I am going to …

Negotiated task 1 – History:
Negotiated task 2 – Georgraphy:
Negotiated task 3 – Economics:

MY PROGRESS EACH WEEK (what have you done so far?):
WEEKS 3 and 4
Negotiated task 1 – History:
Negotiated task 2 – Georgraphy:
Negotiated task 3 – Economics:


  1. Teakhead says:

    Wow this blogging page is very well set out. Lke how you have all the colours and how you have made some words bigger than others to stand out. Well donr Mrs. Raysen.

  2. tania says:

    Over the school holidays, Xavier competed in two surf competitions in Queensland and northern NSW. The Occy and Skull Candy Oz grom open are the 2 premier junior surf competitions in the southern hemisphere. They have run annually for the last 10 years, with Skull Candy/Rusty competition for the past 15 years. Notable previous winners are Julian Wilson, Owen Wright and Sally Fitzgibbons.

    The Occy competition was run in large surf at D-Bar and Xavier was fortunate to make it to the 1/4 finals and placed 3rd in that heat. Xavier placed 7th overall in this comp.
    The Skull Candy competition was at Lennox Head. Most of the competitors from Qld also attended as well. Xavier made it through all the way to the finals, in the under 12 division, surfing extremely well through out the competition. He placed 3rd in the final, which is a great achievement.
    In December 2013, Xavier will be one of two, who will compete in the under 14 Australian junior surf titles, which will be held in Kiama, NSW.

  3. Jarrod Africa says:

    BTN CLIP !
    Question 1: I think organ donation is a great thing because it can help save people’s live !
    Question. 2: I would hate to be in the same position because you would not be able to breath and I would not be able to run around , have fun and be happy ?!
    Question 3: I think organ donation should be introduced because it saves people who need it !

  4. hunterl16 says:

    BTN CLIP!!!
    QUESTION 1: I think organ donation is a great idea because you can save people’s lives.
    QUESTION 2: I would hate my life if I was in the same position because I would have to stay in hospital for a lot of years. I could not breath so I would have to have to have oxygen masks.
    QUESTION 3: I think it should be introduced because it could help save people’s lives.

  5. charlie says:

    1 I think organ donation is a good idea so others so get to live healthy.
    2 I would feel sad that i couldn’t see my family as much.
    3 I don’t think I would like my organ taken away.

  6. indi and jack says:

    1. i feel interested but what will happen to the people that donated an organ.
    2. frustrated because i wouldnt want to be going into hospital every day and spending all the time in there but it is worth it cause he is better now.
    3. no because then every one has to donate an organ and then everyone will have an organ, then they will have spare organs.

  7. Jack and Indi says:

    QUESTION 1: I think that organ donation is a great idea because that is what is keeping other people alive. Imagine if you needed an organ or something like that.
    QUESTION 2: I would feel depressed and I would be unhappy because I would miss out on so much.
    QUESTIO 3:I don’t think that organ donation should be compulsory because then if everybody donated organs each person would have one organ and there would be heaps leftover

  8. Grace G says:

    1. I think organ donation is a great idea because it helps save peoples lives.
    2. I wouldn’t like do be in that position because you wouldn’t be able to get alot of exersize and run around.
    3.I think it should be introduced because it helps people live a better life.

  9. icollins95 says:

    1. I think organ donation is a great idea because you help some one.

    2. I wouldn’t like to be in the same position because you not do a lot of sport

    3. I think they should be introduced because they save lives

  10. tsayers says: would be great for him to get a new set lungs and breath right.

    2.Very,very sad and angry cos he would be in hospital for over more than 1 year to get new lungs.

    3.Yes because people that get it and it will be very, very, very good for them to get the donation.

  11. jameshughes says:

    1. i think orgin donation is a great idea because people like Coens can live a normal life.
    2. i would feel depressed upset and sad because you would’nt be able to do anything with your life.
    3. yes because it could save so many lifes and make people how have organ problames happy and be able to things that they have never been able to do.

  12. michael/mickey says:

    1.I think a organ donation would be great because other people could have a normal life.
    2.I would feel scared because you wouldn’t be able to breath you’d have to be given air and it would be easy to get the right lungs.
    3.It would be good because it would save many peoples lives and people could do stuff they have never done in their lives.

  13. dottieblog says:

    1] i think its a great idea because when you die it doesn’t really matter what happens to your organs, so instead of wasting them you could being giving someone there life back!
    2] i would be worried that nobody would donate anything, i would also be scared, that something bad was going to happen, and i would also be sad that i could do anything or see any of my friends and simple stuff like that!
    3]defiantly, i think its a great idea, because its like your giving the world one more amazing,independent person rather then losing another, because when you die you could give a life back to someone!
    i think organ donation is a great idea and has inspired me to think about when i get older and no I’m going to die soon to instead of losing 2 lives i could give my lungs to someone who needs them now 🙂

  14. oliviag29 says:

    1. I that orgin donation is great it gives others a second chance at life, and a life as normal as others.
    2. I would fell really sad and i know that it would fell great after you got a new orgin becuse you would fell normal. you would fell normal just because this 1 pearson wants to give you a second chance at life.

  15. hayleya says:

    BTN video

    I think organ donation is a miracle that someone would donate an organ for someone they don’t know. Its also just amazing how they can do to save peoples lives.

    I would feel miserable not knowing if I was going to be like this for ever or if I would be lucky enough to have an organ donation. even so I would always be hopeful and do the best I could to try and lead a normal life.

    Yes and no, because for kids and people with medical issues it shouldn’t but other wise yes because everyone deserves a second chance and you might just be the one that gives it.

  16. oliviag29 says:

    1. I think orgin donation is great it gives others a second chance at life, and a life as normal as others.
    2. I would feel really sad and i know that it would feel great after you got a new orgin becuse you would feel
    normal. you would feel normal just because this 1 person wants to give you a second chance at life.
    3.i dont think it should be compulsory because not everyone wants there orgins tacken out, but i do think that more people should do it, but i think that for it to be compulsory everyone shoud be allowed to have a say.

  17. tomp27 says:

    1. When you give organs you would never feel happier knowing that you have just saved someones life! That is the one reason why this is such a heroic idea that are keeping humans alive for much longer than they would of normaly lived!

    2. Thank you to Tony Abbot who has thought allot about this subject and giving scientist money to research more about this subject! Im sure they will eventually come up with more treatments for organ donations than what they have now!

  18. noah gr says:

    i found it quit sad but at the same time happy because of the organ doner giving him another cance at life and having a better life than before the transplant i think i might be a organ doner when im older and i hope othes want to as well.


  19. Chloe says:

    I think it would be very hard to be in that family or to be the one that needs the organs because it was not just tough on the person that has it it would be tough on all the family. It’s very sad that people do go though that and it makes u feel happy that u are very healthy and happy to be running around and laying with your friends.

  20. Jarrod Africa says:

    I felt bad for marry because she had a disability but I also felt proud of her because she can swim really well mad win 2 bronze medals, 1 silver medal and 1 gold medal in the Paralympics ! I think that she is sending a message to all the people that have a disability to never give up , even if you have a disability , nothing is impossible ! She would be a huge inspiration to everyone who has a disability because she is a great swimmer considering she has something wrong with her in the right side of her body ! I think it’s amazing that she can still swim like a normal kid who was born successfully mad I think that her future will be very successful !

  21. Jarrod Africa says:


  22. indi says:

    1. I feel excited for her and she should keep on going she will go really well. I would feel happy if I was her because she gets the chance to compete in the Paralympics.
    the reason I feel happy is because she is gong really well and she wants to stay like that, she is also really lucky to compete because for lots of people that’s lots of peoples dreams an she is lucky. I wonder how much medals she got, if I got a medal at the Olympics I would treasure that forever it would be so cool to have a medal and look at her she has got 4!

  23. hunterl16 says:

    I felt bad for Maddy because had a disability but I also felt proud for her because she can swim really well mad win 2 bronze medals, 1 silver medal and 1 gold medal in the Paralympics! I think that she is sending a message to all the people with a disability to never give up, even if you have a disability, nothing is impossible I think she has sent a great message. Just because she has a disability don’t mean that she cant be as good as the normal swimmers. She is a big inspiration to everyone in Australia and will be forever.

  24. hunterl16 says:

    I felt bad for Maddy because had a disability but I also felt proud for her because she can swim really well mad win 2 bronze medals, 1 silver medal and 1 gold medal in the Paralympics! I think that she is sending a message to all the people with a disability to never give up, even if you have a disability, nothing is impossible I think she has sent a great message. Just because she has a disability don’t mean that she cant be as good as the normal swimmers. She is a big inspiration to everyone in Australia and will be forever.

  25. xavierh14 says:


    1. I would feel happy if i was her because she is able to compete in events in the olimpics that other people couldnt do. I feel happy and exited for her because she has a chance of winning gold and doing australia proud43. I also feel happy for her because she still has a long carrer a head of her and she has already won 4 medals at the paralympics including a gold73.

    2. My thoughts for her would be totry and set a goal for the 2016 paralympics and i think the goal shall be to get into the top three placings.

  26. jackf16 says:

    I think that Maddie is a great role model for all kids with disabilities. she is an amazing girl that has lived up to her dream and she didn’t let anything get in her way. She did everything she could because she was so determined to be a professional swimmer. She pushed her disability aside as if she never had and only focused on her swimming. I think that if I was her I would not be able to do what she has done. She has a lot of heart to strive and not think about her disability. She made her dream a reality!


  27. ggaspari41 says:

    I think Maddie is an inspiration and a great role model for younger kids with disabilities. She never gave up and she followed her dreams and didn’t stop until she achieved it. She didn’t let her disabilitiy get in her way she just put it aside and kept on going. She gave it her best and was determined to be a proffesional swimmer and achieve her goals and she has a great carrer ahead of her.

  28. Amelia says:

    Maddie is very inspiring to see win gold, silver and bronze at just 13. Her disability, cerebral palsy is can be quite bad and I know because my sister was so close to having it, and when she had therapy I saw kids with the disability and how it effected their families. But it is amazing to see what you can still do while having it. I would love to go watch the Paralympics but unless it is at Australia I probably won’t. See what she is doing while being paralysed is amazing and with all the stuff about Oscar Pistorius on the news she is a legend.

  29. Tarko says:

    Artie and I and we loved it because it tells you if you have a dream follow itfollow it.

  30. mcotsopoulos says:

    I think it would be fun to be Maddie because you would have a lot of medals you would be famous and you would be able to go to many different places and meet many different people. But it would not be good to have that problem it could cause spasms and not good balance. I think it’s really cool how she won gold silver and bronze medals and broke the world record at her age. I hope Maddie makes it to the next Paralympic games because she’s going very well and I think she would go very well in the ne games.

  31. charlie says:

    kye and I and we loved it because it tells you if you have a dream follow it.

  32. tomp27 says:

    In response to Paralympic.
    I think that the main point of this story is that nothing in this world and i mean nothing in this world can stop determination! I think the courage of Maddie showing the world that every thing is possible, She has touched obviously most peoples heart cause she has certainly touched mine.
    I hope to see her name more often!

  33. jessicad5 says:

    I think that it is really good that Maddy still has hope and still swims even though she has a disability. It was really good because she worked hard to acheive her dream. And she does’nt compare herself badly to other able swimmers.

  34. avam26 says:

    It shows that no matter how perfect or unperfect you are there are always dreams to follow. I think it was really inspiring and if you have a passion about something then keep trying and someday you could end up in the olympics or a higher stage. Ava 🙂

  35. james says:

    I think its great because maddie didnt give up due to injury
    it shows that no matter the person never give up because one day you could grow up and do that thing that you have always wanted to do.

  36. Tarko says:

    this is my roots & shoots link and you will find all your roots and shoots here.

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